A trademark , trade mark , or trade-mark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of . US Serial, Registration, or Reference No. International Registration No. The EUIPO Guidelines are the main point of reference for users of the European Union trade mark system and professional advisers who want to make sure they.

Look up a trade mark to see if something identical or similar to your brand is already registered.

For a more global search, use the Global Brand Database. The home page for the Trademarks Branch of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Search Type : Wordmark . Prior to applying to register a trade mark , it may be worthwhile to carry out a search to ascertain whether or not an identical or similar mark has already been . File and register your trademark to protect your business name or product name. Applying to register a trademark is simple and affordable with LegalZoom.

You can apply for your trade mark with online services. How to apply to register a trademark in the Hong Kong SAR?

Check to see if your trademark is already being used. Your application will be filed with the U. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This guide explores what trademarks are, how they can benefit you and your organization, and why registration is important.

A trade mark identifies a unique product or service. For example, the term BUDGET SUPERMARKET for retail services in relation to food and household items is . The Trade Mark field allows to search using the trade mark by clicking on the drop down list on the right. Choose from the three options to search for the name of . Foto: Grim Evensen, Bonanza. Get exclusive rights to use a particular logo or name for your goods and . Define trademark : a device (such as a word) pointing distinctly to the origin or ownership of merchandise to which it is… — trademark in a sentence. Trademarks are registered for specific goods or services within individual subjects, known as classes.

It is possible for others to register identical or similar marks . Trademark is a beautiful Shopify theme that has been created for visually striking brands. It comes loaded with a lot of features: versatile slideshow, beautiful . Weird Al” Yankovic officially trademarked his name. LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch.

Mit Flexionstabellen, Aussprache und vielem mehr. Synonyms for trademark at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

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