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Tyre load index is a numeral value indicating the maximum load weight that each tyre is able to carry. The maximum capacity per tyre is indicated in kilogram (kg). Load rating and speed index should be looked at together when buying new tyres. The tire load index lets you know the load carrying capacity of a tire.

For example, if a tire has a load index of 9 it can support 3pounds at maximum air pressure. The load index on the sidewall of the tire expresses the maximum load that the tire can bear as kg, the matched figures of each load index , as kg, takes place .

Service descriptions are required on all speed rated (except for Z-speed rated) tires . Find out about the equivalency table for load indexes and speed ratings. Error loading MacroEngine script (file: DealerSearch.cshtml) Enter your city and state -or- zip code. Do you want to learn more about tyre speed index?

Not sure of the effects of using tyres with improper load index ? On the replacement tire you recommende find the load index. Load index (LI) is an international code, indicating the maximum load for a tire, independent of its type or sizes. Load indexes and speed: technical tips for motorcycle tyres on Pneus Online.

Select Load index in the left . Michelin help you find the right Motorcycle Tyre for your motorbike or your scooter. Automobile tires are described by an alphanumeric tire code or tyre code which is generally. In the photo, is the load index and H is the speed symbol.

If you take a look at the table , index translates to 530kg. This means that one tire, which is . The service description found in the tyre specification tables above consists of a Load index and Speed symbol. The Speed Symbol indicates the maximum . Locate the line entry corresponding to the size and ply rating or load index . Tyre load indexing showing the maximum load a tyre can carry according to the load index shown on the sidewall of the tyre. Please enter your vehicle registration number. It is recommended that the maximum vehicle load does not exceed of the combined tyre load.

The load index is a numerical code associated with the maximum load a tyre can. The following load data table is extracted from UNECE Regulation and is. The tables below detail the load index and the speed symbol with their . Contamination factors (CF) and pollution load index (PLI) of heavy metals in sediments from the Ichkeul streams system.

I, II and III are considered . Load Inflation Table load index.

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